Getting Back To Me Workshop Series


I am pleased to announce our very first community event, the Getting back to Me Workshop. 

The Getting Back To Me Workshop is a FIVE week series with a mind blowing celebration taking place the final week. Because of the content being displayed and the way it builds on top of each other, all participants are expected to attend the entire series.

We have four power house women coming together to serve our community. These women have been equipped and prepared to serve by the fire that has refined them. It is because of their stories they're able to reach back to bring healing, wholeness, and deliverance to their sisters. It is our belief that everyone is sent into the earth to serve in some capacity and that no one should live in isolation, struggling with challenges that others have overcome. We are adding our strength together to be a blessing to our fellow sisters and would love for you to join us on this journey. 

    Ladies, if you're ready to:

  • Transform your life

  • Stop playing small

  • Release the things that have been holding you back

  • Take radical action to control your destiny

  • live unapologetically

  • Become that woman that you've always wanted to be

  • Commit to the process

then click the link below to reserve your seat, we're waiting on you! Seating is limited so don't drag your feet.​