My Coaching Story

I've always had a heart to coach, to give others that little nudge needed to help them move forward. I didn't know it was called coaching back in the day but it was always in me to provide others with information to help them get unstuck. The more I've grown and come into my own, I'm realizing how true this statement is: I chose nursing but God chose ministry. I've always had a heart to help people see, to help them have an "ah ha" moment. I live for that! Especially after suffering myself from PTSD, experiencing depression, rage, unforgiveness,  hopelessness, suicidal ideations and other negative emotions, my hearts desire is to help others in the way that I was helped.  I went through the process of healing myself but I did not do it alone. I could not move from where I was in my own strength and  knowledge. God led me to the answers I needed and I did the work. It was not easy but I was committed because my life depended on it. My assignment is to meet the needs of women in this season. Hurting women, broken women, women who are transitioning and need the key to unlock the "giant within" to help them move forward. I've been all of those women at different stages of my life and I connected with mentors, coaches and educators who helped me do the work. Now I'm here to serve you, to passionately pursue my purpose. Don't allow this moment to pass you by. Your breakthrough, your healing, your transformation is waiting on the other side of you doing the work.  Fill out a form and connect with me.

My  Mission

My mission is to help you have vision so you can understand what your purpose is and why you were created. My belief is that it's  nearly impossible to see clearly or live a life of purpose when you're covered in layers of bondage and carrying baggage that keeps you stuck.

My prayer is to connect with you and help you walk through the process of inner healing and then help you understand how all things work together for your good and connects you to purpose.  Everything about you; the good, the bad, the ugly, God will use it to elevate you, if you allow Him.