Inner Healing 

Healing Past Wounds

Inner healing coaching helps you peel back the layers of yourself in order to get to the root cause of what's showing up in your life. It will help you become aware of how you're showing up as well as identify what's keeping you from moving forward.

You will find the answers to questions such as;

Why have I made everyone else a priority?

Why am I so angry?

Why am I holding onto so much guilt?

Why am I settling to please others?

Why do I need to forgive?

Using provided techniques, I will help you focus on areas of yourself with honesty so that you can properly assign meaning to them in order to close certain chapters and open new doors.

As you begin the healing process, you'll become clear on behavior patterns which serves and no longer serves you as the new you emerges.


Inner healing coaching helps you to heal wounds from your past so you don't subconsciously sabotage your future by repeating old patterns, allowing a new confidence to emerge.


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