Labor & Delivery Coach

 I am the Labor and Delivery Queen, Coach Stacey. You probably found me on YouTube sharing the tea on all things L&D. I'm glad you're here. 

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a life coach, helping women be great as they pivot and shift in life. Preparing for a baby is one those life transitions I love helping women with. If you would like one-on-one coaching concerning anything L&D, where you are able to get detailed answers to your questions, click the link below.

My hope is that you'll have a healthy pregnancy and a

blessed safe delivery. 


I provide guidance in:

  • proper pushing/ breathing techniques                                     

  • what to expect once you arrive for different procedures

  • explaining medical diagnosis in terms you can understand

  • explaining medications used in Labor

  • how to prepare for breast feeding

  • routine inductions

  • scheduled caesarean delivery

  • a general overview of your stay 

  • important items to bring to the hospital for labor/ extended stay

  • How to get in correct position for the epidural

  • so much more

These conversations are intimate and I go in great detail to help you gain an  understanding of the complexities of L&D before arriving at the hospital.


This can be especially helpful if you deal with anxiety.

It helps knowing how to manage a situation before walking into it. 

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Virtual Tours Coming!!

I will be hosting virtual tours on zoom due to the pandemic and momma's not being able to physically visit the hospitals.

During these tours, I explain the process from start to finish what a normal labor and delivery experience entails. Of course, there will be time for Q&A throughout the tour.

Get important questions answered BEFORE you arrive to the hospital!

Click the link to reserve your seat!

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