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healing past wounds

Inner healing coaching helps you to peel back the layers of yourself in order to get to the root cause of what's showing up in your life that keeps you from living your best life. It helps you to look at areas of yourself with honesty so that you can properly assign meaning to them in order to close chapters so that new doors can open. Inner healing coaching helps you to heal wounds from your past so that you're not subconsciously sabotaging your future. Set up your session today so that we can work together to help you break through to your new season!

           $117/ Special Pricing $50!

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Repairing Relationships

Have you been wanting more out of your love relationship? Do you keep on choosing the same person over and over again, just different names? Are you tired of getting stuck at the same junctures in your relationships?  
Family relationships can be complicated, toxic and difficult all at the same time but it doesn't mean we have to throw each other away.  We might just need tools to help us set boundaries, see things more clearly, and learn how to recognize when it's time to love from a distance. Set up your session today so that together we can unlock the key to your success!

           $117/ Special Pricing $50!

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Life Coaching

Life coaching is great because it's multifaceted. It helps you to pull the pieces together in many areas of your life simultaneously. It's kind of like a puzzle and as the pieces of your life begin to come together, you're able to move by leaps and bounds advancing towards your blissful life! After inner healing takes place, you are now ready to expand your vision of contribution. What is your passion, your purpose, who are you here to serve? Allow me to help you explore these life questions in a way that helps you take action.

          $117/ Special Pricing $50!