• Stacey

Celebrate Your Wins

I took a much needed break to step away from the day to day activities last week and combined a business trip with a mini vacation. I have been working nonstop to build my business and even harder on finalizing the divorce. Is that even possible? Can this process come to an end? I’m almost feeling like it’s never going to end because there are children involved so we will always have to deal with each other in some way or another. My prayer is that the venom will lose it’s sting and the heart’s will soften so that we can continue being one hundred percent present for all of our children. I’m working very hard to keep my energy up and to not focus on what’s not working between me and my ex. but the truth is, even when you handle stress well, stress is stress. There’s good stress and there’s bad stress. All of it needs to be put down for a while so we can allow ourselves to re-energize and refill our cups. I went to a place where I knew I would be able to completely emerge myself in positive energy to elevate my vibrations. I went to spend time with my sister, Nikki. Being in Washington DC was like a breath of fresh air. Ask ANYONE, my sister knows how to show you a good time. She should be named best tour guide of the city! Actually this time we kept our festivities to a minimum, only engaging in 1-2 outings a day and two days were specifically reserved for us investing time in our professional growth and development. Last year at this time, my coaching business was only a thought in my mind. This year I actually have clients! I can’t believe how much growth has taken place in just a short time. Last year my sister landed a job with her dream employer, CNN. All of this happened because we committed ourselves to doing the work. We made a pack with each other and said let’s see where our lives are by this time next year. We began using the tools I teach in my coaching sessions. Here we are living lives that are barely recognizable and guess what, we’re going for unrecognizable! As we continue on this amazing journey together, we wanted to stop and celebrate the micro wins. After celebrating, we took time to help each other in our next phase of professional development. Guess what, I have some amazing things coming your way so get ready. I’m investing more into me so that I can pour more into you. While spending time with my sister, she helped me locate a really cool online podcast course. I’m so excited to be learning this information so I can help our relationship evolve and grow. Some friends gave me a nudge and said they would love to see me put together a podcast. My daughter just introduced me to my first podcast a few weeks ago so I’m really green when it comes to podcast but what I’m great at is creating. Keep your eyes peeled because it’s coming!

Side note: whenever you’re faced with the dilemma of purchasing things that will add value, increase knowledge, make you more of an asset or position you to serve more, try not to look at it as spending money. Change your mindset to investing in yourself. There’s no price on the value you receive when you’re up leveling yourself. There is a cost and yes your budget must be considered when purchasing but if looked at properly you will be more willing to invest in yourself because you know the return is one hundredfold.

Are you investing in you or are you funding everyone else’s dream?

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