• Stacey

Get In Flow

I'm so excited to write this entry on the blog. I've been away for a while preparing for the assignment given to me by the Lord. After the divorce, I didn't have a clear vision of how I was suppose to serve. I just held onto the fact that I WAS CALLED AND ANOINTED TO SERVE. I knew if I stayed connected to the "Power Source" I would arrive at my destination.

The Lord put on my heart, Getting Back To Me. It was birthed out of the last storm I had to make my way through. After arriving on the other side and realizing I had gotten so far away from the path God had for me, He reminded me who I was and how it was time for me to take my rightful place in the kingdom. It was time to do the work! I was led to create a workshop that would bring awareness to women, helping them heal, release and create as they make deeper connections with the Spirit of God.

Tuesday was the day all of my hard work, dedication, preparation, paid off. Myself and four mighty women came together to kickoff one of the most blessed, anointed workshops of all times the Getting Back To Me Workshop Series!

The women were ready and completely open to receive. The spirit of God was saturated in the space. I could feel the power of His presence. I knew at that moment I was completely "in flow" caught in the current of God and He was taking us somewhere. That was just day one! I'm so excited to go on this life changing journey with these amazing women. I cannot wait to see the physical manifestation of abundance at the end of this series. Abundance in health, finances, relationships, self-care, good fortune in every way.

I'm here to tell you, get in flow because the blessing is assigned to flow.