• Stacey

God Hasn’t Forgotten You

Sometimes heaven can be so quiet that we begin to feel like God has forgotten us. When in fact, it’s the total opposite. His word says, He will never leave us or forsake us. This is an everlasting promise! God promises to never forget us. As I started out my day this morning trying to focus my mind on the things i’m grateful for, I found my thoughts drifting away onto other (less important) things. I thought to myself, man, I can’t even focus for 10 minutes. I continued on with my day having to intentionally bring my thoughts back to the goodness of God. My unfocused thoughts were more than likely related to the fact that there was another court date today. I wasn’t fearful. I wasn’t anxious. I was just there (if you know what I mean) ready for this process to be over.

After court, I sat still in my car, in total silence. I heard the Lord speak to me saying, “I am with you. I will always be with you. All things are working together for your good.” This reminded me that even when we can’t see our way through, when we’re unsure of what the outcome will be or even when we don’t dot all of our I’s or cross all of our T’s, ie. unable to focus on gratitute for 10 min, smh. God is faithful, He is with us. He loves us inspite of us.

I thought how fitting this photo is as a reminder to take time out of our busy lives to stop and smell the roses and say thank you for all that He is to us. That is exactly what I did after the court case today. I sat with the Lord in amazement of His power, love, and protection. I told Him how thankful and grateful I am to be loved by Him.

What are you thankful for? Are you remembering to take time out to smell the roses?

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