• Stacey

God Only Uses You After You've Been Broken

You've been telling yourself it's too late, you're not worthy. You think God has forgotten about you because so much time has gone by. There still remains a fire in your belly, a yearning in your soul but you keep trying to ignore it, thinking, why would God want to use me?

Allow me to interject. You got it all backwards. God ONLY wants to use you AFTER you've been broken. So let me help you out, those who have spent time in prison, those who have had babies out of wedlock, those who have abused drugs, their bodies for that matter, those who've had failed marriages, those who have been victims of molestation, incest and other sexual violations; those who have been disobedient to what God has commanded you to do, the list goes on and on. YOU are God's prized possessions. Remember in the good ol' book when it talks about all things working together for your good? Even when it doesn't look like it, He's still in control.

I am reminded of one of the worst times of my life. Living in an abusive home as a child. I never understood why God allowed it and why my mom tolerated it but there I was. The toxicity from my childhood caused so much damage and brokenness. I was left feeling confused, rejected, angry and suffered from PTSD. I couldn't make sense of it until God slowly put me back together again. I now realize that my mother's abusive relationship prepared me to serve. It positioned me for purpose. Can you peek outside of the brokenness for one moment to see how He kept you, how in the midst of the storm, His grace was with you, how it could have been much worse, or how others who have experienced the same thing didn't make it through. God protected you "in your storm" because He loves and needs you. Because you are one of His unique creations, He knows exactly where, what, and how you need to be broken in order to prepare you for the greatness that is found within. What the enemy attempted to destroy you with, God turned it for your good, so it's a win win if you don't allow it to consume you.

YES, IT HAPPENED! NOW WHAT? You can stay in that same place and victimize yourself until "the cows come home" OR you can make a choice to LIVE and start healing today! It's time for you to accept the things that you cannot change and look at them out of the eyes of the victor and not the victim. Most things are happening for you not to you. God is waiting on you to choose life and He doesn't want or expect you to do it alone. I did not heal alone. He lead me to my earth angels and the journey began. Step out of victim mode and start your new life today.

Have you been beating yourself up and denying yourself the right to be and do great things because of the broken areas of your life? Remember, the breaking is a prerequisite for purpose.

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