• Stacey

Goodbye For Now...

Today I dropped my oldest son off at school and yes, it was bitter sweet. Honestly, it was challenging holding myself together yesterday as I finalized the packing with him. I kept seeing my sweet little boy who always sat close by playing with his Thomas Trains. Where did time go? I mean, dang; I remember teaching him to walk, how to tie his shoe, speech therapy, and potty training. I remember kindergarten graduation, him winning the talent show, and auditioning for Americans Got Talent. My baby, my boy has grown into a fine young man and is now charting out his own course in life.

Together we’ve faced so many challenges and the lesson I learned most was loving him enough to let him soar. What I mean by that is, through every developmental stage I had to relinquish a certain amount of control so that he would develop his wings. At times it was difficult to release, I wasn’t certain that he was ready but true love requires you to trust another by allowing them to grow. The wonderful part about that was, even when he was not quite ready, he grew from experience, he gained confidence from my trust and my expectation that he could do it and I was able to be his safety net, his soft place to land if/ when he didn’t get it right.

I wanna talk to my queens out there. You know who you are. Queens are in control and the way we exert our power is by releasing it. It takes a very special person to know that they are in control and not be controlling. Reclaim your power and authority by allowing others to soar in your life. I’d much rather my children fall and learn in my safety net. I can help them have a softer landing. This allows their wings to become stronger. If I shield them from life, once they’re out of my presence, they might just crash hard and never recover. I pray that you’re seeing yourself. I know it can be very difficult letting go because we don’t want them to get hurt or to make mistakes but listen, when we relinquish control, we gain what we truly want. Our children, our partners, our loved ones desire to live up to our expectations. They just need to know that we trust them and will be there just in case they fall, with no judgement.

So it’s goodbye for now, I’m so thankful for the ability to allow you to develop your wings. I’m proud of the young man you have become.

Do you struggle with letting go? Can you be confident enough in your power to allow them to soar?

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