• Stacey


You all are truly blessing us just as much, if not more than we are blessing you. The Getting Back To Me Workshop is on fire! My heart is overflowing with joy. I’ve been longing to be used by God and to make Him smile most of my adult life. For so long, I couldn’t figure out how to connect the dots to purpose.

I can see clearly now, how disconnected and out of flow I was. I WAS BLOCKING MY OWN WAY and God was waiting on the sidelines for me to get the revelation. It wasn’t until I completely decided to do things Gods way that His plan began to unfold. What I’m realizing more and more is that we want God to bless us. We want Him to use us. We want Him to deliver us BUT ON OUR TERMS. We are only willing to do so much or go so far and we expect Him to get in alignment with our plans. Guess what I found to be absolutely true, HE WAITS because He will not be manipulated by our disobedience, our dysfunctional tendency’s, or our fleshly desires. God is not human. He is spirit and if we are going to “roll with Him” and to see His blessings flowing in our lives, it is going to be because we connect with Him spirit to spirit.

Once I surrendered my will and got in alignment with Gods plan, I COULD SEE, imagine that. He told me to create a workshop. A healing space for women. A space where they could be vulnerable to open up old wounds so they would heal properly. He told me to invite these women to serve along side of me.

He told me this workshop would be like inner healing on steroids. I believed Him so I took action according to my faith. All I know, is that everything about this workshop has been divinely orchestrated and I can honestly say, I know my Heavenly Father is smiling. Again I say, it feels so good to be ‘In flow’.

What are you willing to give up, to put down, to walk away from in order to see God clearly?

The blessing is assigned to flow!

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