• Stacey

Racism Is Real

It's very difficult to sit back and do business as usual, as if our world is not in crisis. In the beginning of 2020, we were all met with this monstrous virus, throwing us into quarantine and now, for those of us who are citizens of the United States of America, we are faced once again, with the grim reality of systemic racism. I cannot ignore it. I cannot pretend that I don't see it. I cannot in good conscious encourage you to create your best life without dealing with the hurt, pain, and hopelessness often felt when you or loved ones feel unheard, and unseen while being shown over and over that your lives don't matter. I have the perfect solution for you. I have the solution for us all!

The problem with systemic racism is that it infiltrates ideologies and mindsets without the perpetrator even knowing it. Many feel because they have" black" friends or are nice to "some" black people, they are not racist. It is honestly time for serious soul searching. African Americans are left in a very vulnerable position of not knowing whose next because we are targeted simply because of the color of our skin. White individuals, on the other hand, don't see racism because if you are not a white supremacist, ("the real racist") you sit quietly in your privileged place of the world in hopes of not being bothered but any talk of race, injustices, prejudices seems to get under your skin and rubs you the wrong way. (This is the first clue you need to search your soul)  On the other hand, you seem to be very vocal when it comes to judging others. My friend, if it doesn't bother you that a group of people in our society is being profiled, harmed and killed then you need to ask yourself the most difficult question of all, Am I Racist? 

Racist simply means a person believes that their own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

 If your question is anything other than why did the officer believe he had the right to put his knee on George Floyd's neck until he died, you have to check your heart, and your belief system. Please hear me. I'm not trying to offend any group of people. I love humanity but while I am loving humanity, my people, Black people are being murdered simply for the color of our skin. Can you just imagine for ONE moment, if that was your son, your husband, your brother, your friend, and an officer kneeled on him while he was handcuffed until he died. No other question would have to be asked. I know this is a topic no one wants to talk about, believe me, Black people don't want to talk about it. It is exhausting but when our lives are being taken by corrupt police officers and racist individuals who hide behind "I felt threatened" or "he fit the description of" it must be talked about.

What we are witnessing in our country and around the world in these protest and unfortunately the riots, are the cries of unheard and unseen people who are very well aware that the rules are not the same for everyone so there is an explosion of emotions. White friends, your silence and pretending like you don't know what's going on in America, is you continuing to play a huge part of the racial disparity that has plagued our country since the beginning of time. 

 I personally want to thank every white individual (and every other group) who knows and understands that racism is real and is speaking out and standing up for equal rights for us all.

Here's the solution; energy flows where energy goes. If you find that your emotions sometimes gets the best of you like mine sometimes do, channel that energy into something productive, something positive. Create an email to help bring awareness, go live on social media, join a protest, blog/ vlog about it and most importantly VOTE! The presidential election is coming up. The way that we make our voices heard and things begin to change is by voting corrupt individuals out and voting in people who have similar beliefs and values. No one is going to think or believe exactly the way you do but check out their core values, where they stand on equal (human) rights, how they vote on particular laws. If you don't vote, politicians turn their heads to serve the people who do vote; in essence your life does not matter. They don't care about people who don't vote! Sometimes, it is choosing the lesser of two evils but in this country you have to learn to play the game. Everything is based on the vote so exercise your right. Stand in your power. Fight back, at the polls.

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