• Stacey

Remember Why You Started

When you prepare to make significant changes in your life, one of the most important things you’ll want to do is, add up the cost. Why are you shifting? Why are you moving? Why is this important? The reason why you have to do this BEFORE you step out is because life has a way of deterring you with all types of road blocks, curves, stop signs, ditches and if you’re not careful you will start second guessing yourself and want to retreat. As a matter of fact, if you are not rooted and grounded in your “why” you will return to Egypt. Egypt is familiar. Egypt is comfortable. There is certainty in Egypt. Egypt may not be good or what is best for you but at least there, you know how your soul, your dreams, your aspirations will die. The deep is for the dreamers. Nope, you can’t see in the deep waters. It takes pure faith and belief in yourself that you can achieve. You can go higher. You can become. You can make a difference. Your hopes and dreams can become your reality and you can live an abundant life. In the deep all you have is your faith AND GOD backing you. That’s all you need. If He gave the assignment, if He gave you the dream, He will make every curved path easier to navigate, open every road block, and patch every ditch. Nothing will be able to stop you when you commit to arriving at the promise. I committed to the woman who was in hiding, to the woman who sat in silence, and to the woman who ignored the calling (not on purpose) but it was ignored for years. Now it’s my time! Time to live, time to be free, time to give the gift inside of me. This is what keeps me going, no matter what life brings my way. Are you committed to your ”Why”?

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