• Stacey

Standing In Your Truth

What does standing in your truth look like? I’ve had time to really think about this question. For me it means being honest and owning every part of me. Every decision, every mistake, every win, every set back and most importantly, my destiny.

I haven’t always been happy or loved myself. Actually for a long time, I didn’t think I really liked people, probably because I didn’t like myself. It was a long fight overcoming the brokenness I endured in my childhood. I adopted so many negative survival emotions which helped me cope and deal with the trauma but once the traumatic experience was over, I had to learn how to release the baggage. I sacrificed so much ego, pride, and old mindsets in order to heal my past wounds and let go of past offenses. I didn’t like who was showing up so I made a decision to change who I had become. I hated being angry. I didn’t like not liking people. The unforgiveness was killing me and I desperately needed peace in my mind. I KNEW I HAD TO CHANGE. The only way I would be able to do this was by getting honest and owning my ”stuff”.

One the other side of my healing, I worked along side God and created the Stacey that I wanted to be and who strives daily to please Him. Once I found true peace, joy, happiness and understood that EVERYTHING that has happened in my life was preparing me for purpose and was being used for the assignment waiting on me, I began to boldly stand in my truth. I am more eager now than ever to reach back and help other women learn the power of standing in their truth.

Whats your story? What makes you uniquely you? Someone is waiting to hear your story.

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