• Stacey

Stop Waiting For Permission

Who and what are you waiting on to get started? Why are you looking for ......... to give you permission to get started? When I speak to you, I am also speaking to myself. We first must understand who it is that gives the assignment because that will bring more clarity into His dealings. God never makes announcements when He calls. He never asks for permission from us or anyone else when He assigns purpose. So again, why are you waiting for ........ to release you.

The reason I’m asking is because I struggled for years waiting for my ex-husband to “get me” to understand that I had been marked, assigned by God to go...... My assignment had been revealed in my early twenties. I didn’t know the exact details but I knew I was supposed to serve , I knew I would be ministering to the needs of people. What happened in my life was, because my ex couldn’t see it and didn’t want to have any part of it, I sat down. I took the back seat and became who he thought I should be.

The only problem with waiting is that we do not understand that our gifts, callings and purposes are not for us. Our purpose is assigned to others and they are waiting on us to deliver. Think about it, we make request to God all the time which is good because it shows our dependency on Him and our faith in Him to do something about our situation. Here’s the interesting thing, He usually sends the answer through people. You are the answer to someone’s prayer. I pray that you are sensing the urgency because someone is waiting on you. Sometimes our prayers are held up and we feel like God is not listening or moving. Could it be that we are not being obedient? Could it be that we are sitting on our gifts, talents, and not being obedient to the calling on our lives? The people are waiting. Some of their lives are hanging in the balance while we are sitting at home afraid of being used, thinking we’re not good enough, we’re not ready, our gift is not perfected yet. Did the Lord tell you to start after you became perfect? If that’s the case, nobody’s gift would be used. It is in our imperfection that others are able to see themselves and have hope. As we move forward in obedience, God touches, heals, delivers. So I’ll ask again, why are you waiting on your spouse, your mom, your dad, your friends, your family, your employer WHOEVER to give you permission get started? You may not have all the answers but you have the gift. Get started today. Take a step in that direction of committing to figuring out how to use that gift. You could be the answer to my prayer and if you are, I need you. Drop the excuses. I need you. I don’t need you to be perfect and have it all figured out. I need you to be obedient and give what God has given you. That part might just change my life. You’re more valuable than you know. Stop hiding, stop making excuses. Share your gift with the world.

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