• Stacey

The Pandemic VS. Our Rights, We Decided!

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around everything that has unfolded thus far in 2020. As if the pandemic was not enough, the spot light was shinning brightly on racial injustices in America, exposing itself once again with the modern day lynching of Ahmaud Arbery, the “oops my badd“ wrong person, killing of Breanna Taylor and the calloused murder of George Floyd. What in the world is going on? My people, Black Americans are being hit the hardest with this virus but in light of everything else going on in our country right now, the pandemic has to take the back seat.

Let me enlighten you on why the people choose to risk their lives by violating the orders to stay at home and the six feet social distancing recommendation by the CDC. It is because the system doesn’t stop being racist in the midst of the worlds crisis. White racist don’t put down there hatred towards people of color and corrupt officers never stop preying. Because of the disparity of our systems in America, poor housing, lack of jobs, uninsured, poor access to health care, poor education and simply living day by day in a system that keeps us fighting harder in every area of life to prove that we are human, we belong, and that our lives actually do matter, it wears on the body as if someone’s knee is on our necks 365 days of the year.

Blacks in America have learned how to sustain the pressures of life. They’ve learned how to cohabitate and love a country (and all of it’s people) that has been set up to see their demise. We are a strong, resilient people, forgiving and accepting of others. Reverend Al Sharpton said it best and I’m paraphrasing, the anger you see in some Black people is your knee on their necks for the last 400 years. It’s shocking to most White Americans because for the most part people of color get along so well with them. But you see, everything has a breaking point. Our bodies breaking down in this pandemic was the physical sign of being oppressed and stressed beyond capacity. The protest in the midst of a pandemic was us standing up and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, if we are going to continue to die by the hands of racist individuals, corrupt racist cops AND a racist system, God forbid, we are willing to take our chances against this virus by showing up in record numbers to protest because no matter what anyone else believes, we know that our lives matter. It might seem silly to you but we are fighting for our lives right now and are very thankful that God has touched the hearts of many Whites in America and around the world to stand in unity with us.

Please don’t think for one moment we like this hashtag #blacklivesmatter