• Stacey

The “Real” Christians!

Updated: Mar 27

It’s time to step from behind the mask, the curtain of religiosity that makes us feel like were doing something great because we’re looking at others with contempt. In this season we’re in, it is so important to make sure we are not contributing to others stress, depression or anxiety by making them feel that they are not “real” Christians or women of faith because they are afraid or worried in these difficult times. It’s sad to say but it’s true, Christians, real Christians are afraid to share their emotions in this time of uncertainty because of the fear of being judged by the “saints”. Unfortunately, this is nothing new in the church. Those who are religious have always practiced their faith in a way that makes others feel they could not live up to the the expectations of being the “perfect” and oh so holy Christian. This ignorance, ungodliness, and man made bull crap has got to stop! This is not the time to shun people or push them away from the faith because they are honest enough to say “I’m scared, I’m worried, or I’m depressed. Just because you’re feeling negative emotions does not mean you are not a believer. Do you recall in the Word of God when the man was speaking to Jesus in Mark 9:24, saying Lord, I do believe, help thou mine unbelief? Every human being will feel emotions at any given moment in life. We are supposed to. It is the body of believers job to support them and help them work through those negative emotions and not treat others as though they’ve fallen from grace, STOP IT! Get out of the “look” of what Christianity is suppose to be and make a spiritual connection with individuals if you want to see progress in the body of Christ. Isn’t this what Christ did in biblical times? He left the religious leaders to themselves because their hearts and minds were closed off to God. Jesus commited His life to showing individuals what spirituality was all about by making a heart to heart connection and loving them in a way where they could connect with Gods Spirit to make necessary changes. I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I have a newsflash for you.... religious folks and Christ are on opposite ends of the spectrum because religion is all about man and it shuts out God. Christ is all about spirituality and the only way to connect with God is by the spirit. Our goal ought to be, to love individuals back to health and allow our faith walk to point them in the direction of God. Sounds kind of backwards huh, but it’s the truth. See, what we like to do is show individuals all of their faults in hopes it will bring them closer to God. NOPE, Jesus gets right down in the thick of where we are and loves us in such a way that it causes our heads to turn towards God and move in that direction. I like Christ’s approach better. I want to challenge and encourage every believer to follow this example of love and hold up our sisters (and brothers) in this difficult time of pandemic by meeting them right where they are. Start by hearing them and validating them so they can make it through this difficult day and time.

I want to be apart of the solution, how about you?

If you or someone you know is in need of life coaching at this time in your life to help sort out all of these mixed emotions, connect with me. I’m here for you.

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