• Stacey

Staying focused in challenging times, Coronavirus

I’ve been M.I.A for a short while because of plans to remodel my bedroom. It’s so funny, I had an epiphany in mid February that it was time to create something new as I become something new. I thought to myself, I’ll start with my bedroom and work my way throughout my home. We’ve done little to no remodeling since moving in eight years ago and the house really needs it.

Everything was going as planned. I was sending the kids off to school and painting then BAM! Coronavirus hit the states. Schools closed and kids are home ALL DAY needing to be home schooled. Adults are panicking all over the country trying to locate toilet paper. My remodeling endeavors are being challenged, to say the least, but I buckled down and went into my zone. My goal was to complete this project by the end of March. I also wanted to finish because it was consuming most of my time and now that the kiddos were home, I needed to spend more time helping them with school work and their perspective on what’s happening in the world right now.

Well, so is life. I think the bottom line for me is, sticking to my original plan with the remodel. I have to carve out time to make sure the kids are staying on track with school. Most importantly, I need to stay focused on this blessed life I am called to live so that fear and anxiety doesn’t get the best of me. Just like that, I’m done, my bedroom project is done and I love it!

What are you doing to keep your mind from taking you to a place of fear and anxiety?

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