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Vision Boards; What You See Is What You Get!

I first heard about vision boards back in 2009 when I saw The Secret Movie. Everything about vision boards intrigued me. I've always considered myself to have strong faith even as a small child. I credit much of my faith to my mom. When we were younger, momma would speak faith to us. Meaning, she would talk about things that really didn't exist yet, in the natural or physical realm but would later materialize. I made a YouTube video of "acting as if" sharing how we would materialize our desires when we operated this principle. You can check it out on my channel, 3pministry.

This way of talking and thinking became normal in my world and it helped increase my faith. At first I didn't really understand what I was doing but looking back, I can see how biblical principles were being set in motion. I am a Believer and my relationship with God is based solely on the premise that God sent His Son Jesus to die for the sins of the world. This is totally a faith walk and Believers must believe. Vision boards have helped me and serves as daily reminders to stay strong in faith about whatever it is I want to achieve/receive in life. I'm not going to lie by saying I never doubt but I try to keep relevant resources close to me that helps me to stay on track with my faith. Vision boards have become an important tool in my life. So what is a vision board you ask. A vision board is a created piece of art, if you will, where individuals are able to visually see and become one with their inner most thoughts and desires. Vision boards help you dream. They help you imagine, and give you a glimpse into what is becoming. They help you vibrate in that energy space and become one with your thoughts and ideas. When focused on with pure intention, vision boards causes thoughts to be pulled from your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind where they begin to take root. Once your vision takes root in your subconscious mind, you are now in creation mode and setting your life on a new course. What I love most about vision boards is that I get to be in control of my life. I am reminded that we are creators and this keeps me out of victim mode. I get to take a thought, place it on my vision board, focus on it with pure intention and watch it take root in my life. Have you ever heard the saying, thoughts become things or you become what you think about? This is completely true. Without going too deep here I'll just add the biblical truth, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT! Vision boards takes this concept to a whole new level. Not only am I thinking about those things I want, I am also getting into that energy space as I create the board and rehearse/ meditate on the things I desire. I created two vision boards over the course of nine years. I would pull them out and briefly focus on them, then I would tuck them away. Idealy, the vision boards are supposed to be out in the open so you can see them at all times. I never felt comfortable with my boards being out in the open because my ex and I didn't agree on many of my desires or intentions. It would make me feel uncomfortable knowing he wasn't in agreement so I would disregard my desires and put ME away.

In 2017, I made a choice that would forever change my life. I decided to become the best version of me. I decided to be nonnegotiable about living a life of purpose. I decided that it was my time and that I COULD have it all. I was and am determined to live the abundant life I believe God desires for His children to live. This means I can be an amazing mom. I can live a life of purpose where I serve humanity. I can have amazing relationships with family and friends. I can be healthy and I can accumulate wealth. I am determined to have it all! I'm not taking no for an answer, not from myself or anyone else. Once I committed to my yes, everything around me began to shift. One of the very first things that was apparent was the creation of a new vision board and me hanging all three of them on the wall. Did I say nonnegotiable? I would sit in that space and recite the thoughts and ideas on each board daily.  I meditated and became one with the ideas on each board then something began to shift. The words, thoughts, and ideas became my truth. They became affirmations and declarations. My life slowly started to align with my words. My vision boards helped bring clarity regarding the truth of my marriage. They honestly helped me get a sense of closure. I'm not sure if my ex even paid attention to what was on my boards but I knew when I hung this particular board, it was giving me closure from the marriage.

I wonder if he ever paid that much attention. I wonder if he ever stepped outside of his world long enough to see into mine. I wonder if he cared that I was letting go. Did he even notice?

 I love vision boards. My boards are an important part of helping me create. They help me vibrate and match the energy of what I desire to achieve. Somethings manifest quickly and others take longer but what I try to be mindful of is the fact that I am not waiting on God. God is usually waiting on me. The things I desire are already waiting for me in the spirit realm. I just have to catch up with my good.

Do you have a vision board? Have you noticed things changing or manifesting in your life since you created your vision board? Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for your creations.

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