• Stacey

When Life Pulls You In Fifty Million Directions...

Have you ever felt like you were being pulled in so many different directions and the path was not clear to any of them? Sometimes I feel this way. Just like this ball of yarn, there’s so many strings to pull, if only I knew which one would get me to my desired end. I believe I know what my problem is. I lack systems, a uniform way of consistently doing things. To make it all a bit more challenging, it’s hard doing things in a systematic way when you have children. I have five children ranging from twenty down to seven. For the most part, we have our routine but there always seems to be something new on the horizon that keeps me searching for that “one string”. We all know that with children, we have to be flexible, if we are going to keep our sanity. I’ve been at this rodeo for a while so I’ve learned to ”roll with the punches” and not let most things knock me out of the box.

I think the biggest thing for me to remember is to not allow my children to become my excuse for not developing systems or doing what I have to do to get the help I need. I’m on a mission. I’m going somewhere and if I’m going to arrive, I have to stay in action, inspired action. I have to develop systems. Lord help me develop the type of systems I need for success. I guess we all have our challenges or weaknesses. Being a wife, a mom, a student, I’m good at all of these but when it comes to knowing the ends and out of business, that’s my challenge. I guess this would be a good time to eat my words. I always say this to my kids, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Make this my reality Father. With you, all things are possible.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the different directions life seemed to be pulling you in? What helps you get clarity?

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