• Stacey

You Deserve To Be Happy

What will it take for you to be happy? Do you know that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE YOUR HAPPINESS? Happiness is an inside job and YOU will be happy when YOU decide to be happy. The time had come for me to "Get Real" about my marriage and the fact that it had come to an end road. I had to make a choice. I could remain in a mediocre place that was depleting me or I could RELEASE what was no longer serving me and CREATE the happiness I deserved. I chose the latter.

The crazy thing about my situation was that I wasn't waiting on my husband to make me happy, I was waiting on God to turn our situation around for me to enter my bliss. It wasn’t until I WOKE UP one day and realized that God was not responsible for my happiness either. C'mon ladies did you hear that? GOD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MY HAPPINESS or yours. This puts us in a great position. God wants us to know that He's given us everything we need for life. We have to be open to His guidance on how to get exactly what we want.

I had been working on me for a good while now and the more I practiced self care and loved the woman I was becoming, revelation came that happiness would not be found in my current location, ie. my marriage. The more confident, at peace and spiritually aware I became, opened my eyes to the fact that we were not happy together. God was not going to do anything about my situation except wait and allow me to decide what I wanted. The last two years of my marriage crumbling, the Lord would reveal truth and is was my job to decide whether or not I was going to read the writing on the wall or stick my head in the sand and wait for God to change things.

I finally got it! I understood that my new journey was creating happiness within but in order for me fully embrace happiness, I had to RELEASE the thing that was holding me back and no longer serving me. Unfortunately, that was my marriage. The hardest decision became the best decision of my life. There are no limits. I'm finally free to be me. The sky is my work space (no boundaries). I have the opportunity to create the life I want to live! If and when I arrive at my bliss, it will be because I DID IT. I'll never have to look back with regret, wondering if "it" was possible for me because now, I get to be in control of my life. Whether I fail or succeed, is all up to me and will never be because a situation, circumstance or person got in my way or didn't allow me to try.

I have found true happiness. My insides dance at the fact that I took a chance on Stacey. I affirmed myself. I gave myself permission. I believed in me. I set myself free. In doing all of these things, I am constantly reminded of my worth, my value and how much I love me. How could this possibly, not make me happy? See, it's an inside job.

How about you, are you happy? What will it take for you to be genuinely happy? What do you need to release for happiness to show up?

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